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(Lisa Jean modeling one of her flower headdresses she created)

Lisa Jean is a Western Washington based artist. She works with a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpting, digital photography, photo editing, resin designs, wood working and she even makes headdresses. 

Her interest in art was piqued at the age of 5, when her paternal grandmother, a professional artist, showed her how to paint for the very first time using watercolors. Lisa's desire to become a full-time artist developed after she moved to Los Angeles and graduated from the highly accredited Cinema Make-Up School; for this is where she learned how to use an airbrush.


Once those creative juices began flowing, Lisa was inspired to pursue many other new creative endeavors. Her dedication to the artist's path became fixed when she had the realization that she experienced joy while she creates her visual art.


One cannot categorize her visual art by just one particular style or medium. In fact, Lisa, considers herself to be an experimental artist, using different mediums and various styles, always challenging her practice. Some of her favorite techniques include mixed media, acrylic flow, high-gloss resin, spray paint, charcoal, and the airbrush.


Lisa draws inspiration from nature, pop culture, Pinterest, photography, and all the people with whom she interacts with, everyday. Lisa currently resides and creates on an island in the Puget Sound.