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Beautiful Catastrophe

Beautiful Catastrophe

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• Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas with a protective resin coat

• Year Completed: 2017
• One of a kind artwork
• Size: (H × W × D)
20 in × 16 in × .75 in
50.8 cm × 40.64 cm × 1.9 cm
• Ready to hang
• Signed on the front
• Style: Figurative Art and Mixed Media
• Subject: A close up of a Woman's face

• Includes my Certificate of Authenticity
• I am the Designer of my own Catastrophe is a one of a kind acrylic painting created with acrylic paints, magazine letter cutouts, and stickers on a stretched canvas. Since the painting is done on canvas it comes unframed. However, you will receive the painting "ready to hang" with the sides painted black and finished with a protective clear resin coat. Framing is unnecessary, but ultimately it is up to the preference of the collector.
• I am the Designer of my own Catastrophe is an original Lisa Jean acrylic painting. This painting has a bold statement as well as bold colors on the woman's face. I chose to do a lot of vibrant/bold colors on her face because of the words catastrophe and designer. The statement "I am the Designer of my own Catastrophe" has always been one of my favorite quotes. To me I don't read it in a negative way. I believe that it is saying you are in control of your own destiny and life. Sometimes you may screw up but that doesn't mean you cant design something else. I truly believe that we as humans can change our reality if we truly want to. You just have to work at it and never give up.