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Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet

SKU: 5

• Mixed Media Acrylic Painting on a Deep Cradled Gessobord

• Year Completed: 2017
• One of a kind artwork
• Size: (H × W × D)
16 in × 20 in × 2 in
40.64 cm × 50.8 cm × 5.08 cm
• Ready to hang
• Signed on the front
• Style: Modern & Figurative Art
• Subject: Women's mouth biting a bullet

• Includes my Certificate of Authenticity
• Bite the Bullet is a one of a kind mixed media painting created with acrylic paints, resin, and broken pieces of mirror on a deep cradled gessobord. Since the painting is done on deep cradled gessobord it comes unframed. However, you will receive the painting "ready to hang" with the sides painted black. Framing is unnecessary, but ultimately it is up to the preference of the collector.
• Bite the Bullet is an original Lisa Jean mixed media acrylic painting. This painting is bold, modern, fun, and a little feisty. When I was getting ready to do this piece I wanted to do a popular idiom and 'Bite the Bullet' just seemed to fit perfectly. Everyone in this world will usually at one point or another, have to bite the bullet and do something difficult or unpleasant and they may have been putting it off or hesitating over it. I know I have done it many of times. I thought by adding the broken mirrors around the mouth it would really emphasize just how reluctant someone might be in facing a painful situation they cannot avoid. I think this piece would be perfect for those that like mixed media paintings, idioms, or they just want a unique and trendy piece for their home, office, or business.