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Ruby Red

Ruby Red

SKU: 15

•Mixed-Media Resin Painting on Rigid Foam
• One of a kind artwork
• Size: (H×W×D)
25.25 in × 15.75 in × 2.5 in
64.13 cm × 40 cm × 6.35 cm
• Ready to hang
• Signed on the back
• Style: Resin Art and Expressive
• Subject: Geode Agate

• Includes my Certificate of Authenticity
• Ruby Red is a one of kind painting, created with the use of rigid foam, resin, acrylic paints, glitter, and broken pieces of glass. You will receive the artwork "Ready to Hang" in a wooden black frame with one-hole D-rings and stainless steel wire already installed on the back.
• When I was getting ready to create Ruby Red I knew that i wanted to use the color red and I knew that I was going to make an agate geode. I've always loved breaking open geodes to see what kind of magical treasures could be inside. Sometimes you'll find a beautiful cluster of crystals, or a colorful lining of banded agate, or both. My dad gave me the idea of doing my resin pour on top of rigid foam. By doing this I could cut out the parts of the foam where I wanted my crystals to go and it would give my artwork an appearance that was more like that of a real geode. I absolutely love the way it turned out and It's an eye catching statement piece that's both beautiful and unique.