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• Mixed media painting w/ marquee light up letters on sheet metal riveted to wood

• Year Completed: 2017
• One of a kind artwork
• Size: (H × W × D)
18 in × 50 in × 3 in
45.72 cm × 127 cm × 7.62 cm
• Ready to hang
• Signed on the back
• Style: Mixed Media/collage and pop art
• Subject: Comic book cut outs with splattered paint and the word "YAASS"

• Includes my Certificate of Authenticity
• YAASS is a one of a kind mixed media pop art painting created with sheet metal, wood, acrylic paints, comic cutouts, and light-up marquee letters. You will receive the artwork "ready to hang" with two-hole D-rings and stainless steel wire already installed on the back. The artwork has 5 separate marquee letters that are battery operated with each letter having it's own on/off switch. Each letter comes with AA batteries and the letters are attached to the artwork with velcro so replacement of the batteries is simple and easy.
• YAASS is an original Lisa Jean design. When I started to create this artwork I knew that I wanted it to be 3 dimensional and i wanted it to say "YAASS". I absolutely love this slang term for yes and it's defined as a form of exclamation. Basically, it means to express great pleasure or excitement. A lot of of times you might here it paired with "queen". So, i bent sheet metal in a horizontal stair-like form and I riveted it to a thin piece of wood. I then found and cutout different comic book scenes that I liked and I scattered them all over the slopped part of the sheet metal. Then I just splattered paint and painted parts of the sheet metal black. Last I just attached the marquee letters with velcro. This piece of art is modern, very unique, and by definition it means to express great pleasure or excitement. YAASS!!!!